About Project

European Union Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) MoEU the beneficiary party to the Central Finance and Contracts Unit issued by the «Development of Climate Change Capacity in Turkey» adopted under Grant Program and Bilecik Governor’s Office on 05.29.2017 Bilecik Governorship, Provincial Planning and Coordination Directorate, the European Union and the European Commission have signed the “Better Futures with Enhanced Capacity and Awareness on Climate Change” (CCGS / 113) signed by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit It was prepared by the External Relations Bureau.

It is the first grant recipient project in the framework of the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

The project budget, which will last 18 months, is 44.132,58 Euros by the Contracting Authority and 10% of the Governor’s Co-Financing Contribution is 10,432,92 Euros, totaling 54,565,50 Euros.



The Governorship of Bilecik



Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Engineering Faculty

Bilecik Provincial Directorate of Health

Bilecik Provincial Directorate of National Education

Bilecik Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization

Edebali Culture and Research Association

The Municipality of Osmaneli



Bilecik Provincial Directorate of Meteorology

“Bisikletliler” Association

This project aims to identify the current awareness of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Bilecik, to train in the direction of the data obtained, to organize panels and to record the data collected during the process in the digital environment and to contribute to awareness building and capacity building on national and international climate change .

The project will carry out activities in four main areas to achieve its expected results.

1-Preparatory phase: After the project management committee is established and provincial step is taken, the services to be used in the project will be taken. Project presentation will be held at the opening meeting.

2-Implementation phase: Activities that will form the backbone of the project such as education, awareness and carbon footprint calculation surveys, eco-panel, climate week, etc. of trainers, teachers, public institutions and NGO staff will take place at this stage.

3-Diffusion phase: Visibility, website social media radio programs will be organized to ensure that the project will reach a large number of people, and our national survey results will be presented in a national conference. The project book and DVD will be prepared separately.

4-Evaluation and monitoring stage: The project management committee will meet with the management regularly every 15 days with one project team per month. Interim reports, closing meetings and the final evaluation report will take place at this stage.