Closing Meeting

The closing program of Bilecik governorship project “improved capacity and awareness of climate change will be better” was organized.

Governor Bilal şentürk stated that the project contributed to the preparation of the project if necessary, and said that the foundations of “human life and survival of the state” were laid, and that they were charged with providing better service to you as members of a daily civilisation.

The necessary sensitivity to the point of protecting the environment should be shown underlines the Governor Şentürk, ” there is no life to be postponed. We have to do the best if we’re worthy of the best of everything. Therefore, while doing what we do in the best way içraşken, we should be happy with what we do and we should give positive energy around us. If there is a project, he needs to dream first. We have plenty of imagination for our children. We’il be ambitious no matter what. Our potential is very high. But I need an awareness, an excitement.”

Governor Şentürk, Rector Of Şeyh Edebali University Prof. Dr. Deputy Mayor of Taş and Mayor Abdulla ay gave plaques to those who made the project sustainable and contributed to the project process.