A panel on Climate Change, Are you aware? 

Funded by the European Union and the Central Finance and Contracts Unit, published by “Turkey’s Capacity Building in Climate Change Area” Grant Program “Improved Climate Change Capacity and Awareness With Better for the Future” (Better The panel titled? Climate Change, Difference? “Was held on 26 June 2018 with approximately 200 participants.

Eskişehir Technical University Dr. The panel was moderated by Cengiz Ture, Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Faculty Member Doctor Burçin Atılgan Türkmen, Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Doctoral Professor Serpil Menteşe and Provincial Director of Environment Urbanization Mustafa Budak joined as panelists.

Eskişehir Technical University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology and Head of Ecology Department. Cengiz Türe, artık the most important reason why climate change is global warming, it is no longer enough for us to watch climate change from afar.
Mr. Türe stated that he was not capable of monitoring climate change remotely. Lem It is not enough for us to watch climate change from afar. There are a number of attitudes and behaviors that each individual can and can make about climate change. The most important of these is to be conscious. Global warming is the most important reason for climate change. İklim After that, Doctor Faculty Member Burçin Atılgan, who carried out the studies on behalf of our university, gave information about the projects and activities carried out by Turkmen and evaluated the results of the survey conducted in our province.

Prof. Dr. Serpil Menteşe, Doctor of the Faculty, explained the natural causes of climate change and their impacts. Prof. Dr. Burçin Atılgan gave information about human-induced causes and greenhouse gases in climate change. Bilecik Environment and Urban Provincial Director Mustafa Budak, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, where are we in the first change? What are we doing? Our vision, what is our mission? He gave information about the effects of climate change on the environment.

Our panelists then answered questions from participants. Program Our Panel has ended after the ended.